2nd Amendment Rights – Donnie knows that our right to bear arms is a God-given right, and he will always stand against overreaching government regulations that try to infringe on our second amendment rights.

Jobs And The Economy – Donnie supports creating a job-friendly business climate by reducing burdensome regulations on small businesses, promoting smart economic development, and cutting bureaucratic red tape.

Investing In Our Children – Donnie believes our children are our future, and he will work to support our teachers, empower school boards and parents in local decisions, and fight against one-size-fits-all programs like Common Core.

Reducing Taxes On Families – Donnie is committed to keeping taxes on Florida families low by cutting government waste, ensuring our state lives within its means, and increasing our revenue through business growth, so we can all keep more of our money.

Standing For Your Values – Donnie will stand for our conservative principles in Tallahassee, including defending our individual rights, protecting our family values, and keeping our government small. Donnie Horner has an A Rating from Florida Right to Life PAC.